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Exactly the point, you can drink in a "cultural" way. There are actually very different drinking cultures. (As there may be different programming cultures?)

Drinking can even become a bad habit. Or someone can become an alcoholic and could still see it as a culture (read Charles Bukowski.)

A culture in any case is something very artificial and not very well defined in most cases. Everybody can simply declare to be part of a certain culture or redefine his own culture at any point. So now there is a 501 culture...

I think a culture is surrounded with some kind of related passion.

501's passion is to get back home. I can respect that, but it has nothing to do with programming. As I've noted, imagine for a moment that they're talking about fishing. Their points remain valid to what they're seeking. However many link it as a manifesto of programmers.

Its the same as publishing "Do no harm" as a manifesto, and it has nothing to do with programming, nonetheless a programmers culture.

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