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Well, if your site is technically solid and you aren't spending a ton of time writing the software any more, you should be spending your time talking about it every chance you get, everywhere you go.

You should start by putting your website in your profile at the very least.

It's http://cherrypeel.com. I was trying to start a general discussion and not spam HN.

I'm cherrypeel.com's developer. thought i should put in a warning that the site plays music immediately.

And you wonder why you're losing traffic. As someone who browses the internet, if my computer starts playing music (in this case, loudly) without my consent, I go on safari to hunt and kill the infringing tab. I strongly recommend against this 'feature'. Display something that says "play now!" and even load the song if you want, but don't actually play it until I consent. Please.

Telling that the developer comes by to warn us about the music playing automatically. Think he has advised against it before?

My suggestion is to make auto play an opt-in option for registered users.

Ah! There you go.

I agree about the link. Maybe there was no link to avoid looking like a spammy-type post.

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