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Ask HN: What open-source alternative is there for Canva?
26 points by nathan_tarbert 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments
I'm a power Canva user but I have a passion for open-source and just like buying local, I try to use open-source whenever I can.

Is there anything out there that stands up to Canva as an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

Not necessarily like Canva, but more similar to Figma is Penpot, if it may interest you:


Penpot reminds me of this (pretty good in my opinion) article by fasterthanlime: https://fasterthanli.me/articles/just-paying-figma-15-dollar...

Sorry for the delayed response @kidfiji Nice suggestion! Thanks

Yes, this is so much cool

Agreed @flowzai, this looks like a good option.

So, you want something that is equivalent to paid Canva. Not just free Canva.

I suppose that would depend on how you use Canva.

I use it for rapid iterating. I haven't found anything that matches Canva for that. If you just need an editor then there are a variety of alternatives, like Inkscape.

I only found it necessary to pay for Canva once I needed to upload fonts.

Yes @mrangle I'm looking for the equivalent of Canva and I don't mind paying for it. I'm already paying for Canva pro but would prefer an open-source alternative.

I use Canva for website images, GIF creation, blog cover art etc.

Id say Inkscape and Penpot are the closest but none of these (by design) include a big template gallery which is maybe part of your consideration.

On the template gallery you could use an open source chat-gpt like tool to create svgs for you and then load them into the above. Eg “Make an SVG of a smiley face”

The biggest selling point with Canva is it's myriad of templates. I doubt you're going to find that in a open-source alternative.

I agree @brtkdotse, that's why I was curious.

For drawing arrows, I use drawing toolbar of LibreOffice Writer.

For vector graphics, and converting bitmap to vectors, I use Inkscape.

For flowcharts, I use Dia.

For bitmap graphics, I use Gimp, use it for crop and prettifying old photos.

I use OpenClipart SVG images, when I need some image that is already made.

Interesting, nice list.

I'm checking these out.

I am always looking non-subscription options for similar..

playing with affinty designer, similar.. eyeing luminero neo?

Appreciating self hosting AI gen..

Microsoft Designer is really making me happy - but I worry they will subscription paywall it eventually - I would pay a one time fee.

Someone has to have list non-subscription alternatives to all the things.. like photoshop alternatives you can own..

Have you looked at photopea.com for a Photoshop alternative?

It's browser-based and they have a decent free version.

Wish it was open-sourced

yes, and I've used it a good bit the past 6 months. I've almost paid for the premium version several times - but it's subscription to rent online without ads, not pay and own.

I prefer pay and own offline, (no faith in anything cloud being accessible forever).

The learning curve has been steeper with affinity designer and photo - but I feel more secure knowing it will work day after day, no subscription, no internet required.

Much to like about photopea - couldn't stand that video ads would keep running even if I had left that tab/window and been in other tabs for hours - and they have an adblocker-blocker that says you can't use without ads (or paying for premium, which I totally would if it could work offline)

I do think it's good to know how to use, and there are good tutorials for pea and affinity (And corel) on youtube.. so it's a nice tool to know and use in a pinch, best if you save and close the window - which is not my normal method of operation.

I totally understand. There are limitations with the browser-based tool like it being laggy depending on the size of the file and the ads are annoying but it gets the job done in most cases without making a big spend buying photoshop.

Not sure about open source, but there are alternatives out there:


Yes, I have searched and most of the alternatives I come across are wonky in some way. It never hurts to look again.

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