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Forget Rock Stars, Gurus, Ninjas and Zen Masters (rubyrailways.com)
40 points by aditya on Dec 4, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

Web 2.5 Code Terrorist - that is just so freakin' funny. How about coming up with similar programmer metaphors for job posts....

Looking for a Rails Black Magician who actually worships the Devil himself everyday before coming in to work to sell their soul to our start up in exchange for a crappy salary and some probably worthless 'stock options'. Perks include unlimited animals for use in ceremonial debugging sacrifices and root access for everyone. Login now and take a look at our servers - password PrinceOfDarkness. If you are truly an evil coding bastard send us your resume today!

Please accept my toad as he ate my resume while performing some voodoo. Cutting his belly should reveal my crappy resume...

Spam Co seeks Web 2.96 Girl Guide.

Our cookies need distributing.


DHTML Rapist to demoralize and abuse Internet Explorer's layout and javascript bugs...


Someone who can solve problems and write solid code. If you lie about these qualifications, you must fight our stable of real ninjas, who have never heard of the web, because they are too busy practicing deadly ninja moves.

So, neither DHTML nor Rape are hyped in the media anymore. The reason the original post is so poignant is that it takes the current trends and out-trendies them, whereas your post is a regression of the current trends, and so is just annoying.

That being said, I hate internet explorer enough to upmod you.

You're right, just regular old "rape" is so passe these days.

What about "Web 3.0 Pedophile who can assault web browsers with JQuery and CSS, and convince them not to tell anyone, leaving them with life-long issues." (SVU's still on TV, right?)

You need to include "Global warming denying athiest" in there somewhere also.

This is why it is good to be a lisp pacifist in times of conflict. It may mean being largely ineffectual to the eyes of mere mortals but at least deep inside you know you are being more effectively ineffectual.

Looking for code terrorist to constantly introduce new bugs, leave files checked out from source control, and generally impede progress.

I am now styling myself as a Ruby Bionic Commando.

Tis summer, the middle east meets the far east in an epic battle for the west! WEB 2.5: Ninjas vs Terrorists The movie!

Hi, I am a web 3000 Jehadi :P

I am CSS Husain now I got weapons of mass development

Yes, Jihadi is better -- "terrorist" has too many negative connotations.

Code terrorist: the person that you blame things on to draw attention from the fact that your project was already screwed.

Wanted: People to give up kitchsy names altogether.

Is this the level right before JavaScript Martyr?

anyone need an osama bin XHTML ?

it would be nice to have your employees categorized like Diablo 2 Characters. :P (slayer, etc.)

It's all about Heroes, Warriors, et al now.

Wanted: Wizard, Level 14 or better with INT 18, WIS 16+. Please submit current character sheet including THAC0 and base armor class.

Screw wizard I'd rather have a Sorceror with Charisma 18. That way he can cast spells and do sales at the same time.

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