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I think what you're talking about is one of Tornado's demos - not sure how current it is though.


if anyone wants to port the Ruby script to python, put it on kickstarter and ill start u off with $50. i want a link to my webpage, CompassionPit, on the page for the final tool though. and one on the kickstarter page if ur feeling generous =)

p.s. anyone think we need a developer-tools kickstarter? paul, lmk before i give it to my friends at tech stars

A Kickstarter for dev tools would be a great idea. As well as new projects, it could also be beneficial for large changes to existing projects. Some combination of Kickstarter and bounties for GitHub issues would be interesting.

My only concern would be for the potential drama caused by members of the community who find the idea of paying for open-source development abhorrent.

Concern? That's free marketing. zackster@gmail

Why does the script need to be in Python? Isn't Fake S3 just a server that you run and connect to from any codebase? I'm curious because Python is the language I use most, but I could easily see myself writing a Fake S3 in golang or clojure or even C.

i don't know golang or clojure or c and this is a selfish-borne request that i figured would be worth making because of global benefits.

I don't have anything against the request, and I would actually be interested in writing a Python version. I was just curious what the motivation and goals would be.

Yep yep, the motivation is just to give back to the community, and simultaneously reward me for the stimulus initiative

I think I'm not being explicit enough. What would you use a Python version for, for which the Ruby Fake S3 implementation isn't suitable? I'm purely looking for a sample use case here. What problem does a Python Fake S3 solve?

some people aren't comfortable with ruby

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