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Free beautiful UI elements for developers (creativemarket.com)
286 points by sinzone on Apr 19, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 44 comments

This was intended for people who already had an account and the title of this submission doesn't reflect that. I believe that makes the process of asking for a login even more acceptable.

Text from the email they sent out today:

Free Goods, exclusive for our early-access members. Creative Market is coming soon! Until then, here's a collection of great content we're offering free for a limited time, as a special thank you for your early support.

Worth noting though is that there is a link to this page on their home page, implying that this isn't supposed to be restricted to those with an account. (I guess just visiting their page is considered supporting them?)

http://www.premiumpixels.com/ does this as well.

Plus One All the Way! Where is the Donate button?

You can buy one of Orman's premium WP themes.

His quality is outstanding, and he was setting records for ThemeForest sales, so you'll be in plentiful company.

Wow this is an awesome resource! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing!!

I can't find a license for this free content anywhere? There is some stuff about the service itself in the Terms of Use Agreement:

"Creative Market Service. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, freely revocable license to use the Service for your personal, noncommercial use only and as permitted by the features of the Service."

It is unclear if this pertains to the service itself, or to the content I download. Perhaps it is more clear in normal cases when you pay for the content?

I've not gone through every one that's up but I've downloaded the ones I'm interested in and they fall under two categories. License file/Link to license file saying fine for personal & commercial, or no license file. No license file makes things somewhat more complicated.

Just as a note to the creators of the service (and it is gorgeous and thank you very much for the extra resources! Bookmarked and I shall return), it might be a pain but you should specify that each pack contains an actual factual copy of the license file. Web links come and go, but the .txt remains strong.

Some of them have a license file or some info about the licence in an included readme. The others are not safe to be used in commercial products, imo. Adding reachable license info (like other sites selling themes and graphic elements usually do) is essential for this kind of services.

Why is the "Sign In" button right ... at ...... the .......... bottom ............. of ................ the ................... page?

Hmm... maybe some kind of "creative" :)

Hah, remember Jocob Nielson's usability rule: "people spent 99% of time on other websites."

Heey this looks interesting.

Wow, that looks good, I will download that

"Create an account to download these Free Goods." popup appears.

Oh goddamn it, "Free" eh, oh well, I will go back to browsing the other stuff so I will just close...this..popup...where is the close button!? All the preview boxes have the little X, why not this?

I am not impresssed.

Hit Esc. That works for most dialogs created from jQuery ;)

Yea, clicking outside the box also works but the suspicious part of me (triggered mainly by the original bait and switch of "Free stuff") wonders why they don't include the x on that popup screen

But my left hand is on my chin, and my right hand is on the mouse, and the Esc key is alllll the way over there.

I found my RSI got exponentially worse when I lean on my elbows.

It does have a close button - in exactly the same shade and position as the preview dialogs.

Interesting, I find it hard to believe that they updated their UI inside of 2 hours in response to a random comment on HN but I can guarantee that that was not there when I made my original post.

We did :) Thanks for your feedback rurounijones, we're listening.

Bahaha, hats off for the quick iteration. Wish the registration was still optional :p

[EDIT] Saw the other post about how this was sent as part of an email to existing users which rather makes this entire thread a bit harsh.

Thanks a lot for the site...As an indie iOS dev I find it very userful!

I'm never that enthusiastic about these kinds of ui element designs. Maybe it works in flash but the user experience when translated to html/css/js is really hard to get right. Just look how much effort bootstrap is taking.

The icons etc. are great though.

There are some freebies over at http://impressto.com/mains as well.

Thanks for The great resource!

I've coded many UI elements over at http://www.webinterfacelab.com/snippets

No registration required and licensed under MIT.

Cool stuff, thanks!

365psd.com - Daily free psd (some of them amazing & inspiring)

Thanks, this is a pretty cool resource. I haven't come across this before...

These designs look great, however I thought there was an actual CSS/HTML attached with it. Unfortunately it seems like it's only a simple PSD file.

They could have at least separated the layers into png-files. Now you need Photoshop to even use them at all.

Neither GIMP, Paint.NET nor Irfanview can open the files properly. :(

That's the best part, good learning material.

So happy to see Creative Market open up! Huge respect for the guys behind it, and it's been fun watching them make it happen.

Some good UI elements here as well: http://menucool.com/

I like the slideshow: http://menucool.com/javascript-image-slider

Interesting detail... the goods are randomized on page load. Nice.

Anyone care to leech them all and make a torrent? My corporate firewall won't allow it, or I'd be doing it now. :(

Wouldn't that be kind of a dick move?

I'm not seeing how. This stuff is free, and a torrent would make it easier for users and reduce server load for the site.

I've been following the design of this on dribbble for a while now, glad to see it's finally getting there!

Why isn't there a download all button?

Do we really need it after bootstrap was released?

no, after the release of twitter bootstrap the possibility of making different design elements on the internet has ended. we need no more other pixels ever.


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