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"You need a communion of individuals to create a semi-fraternal organization that looks like a union on the outside but inside is a diverse collective of brilliant minds."

It's very sad that decades of right-wing propaganda has made "union" a dirty word.

This is especially true in the technology field, which is so infested with libertarians that you'd feel the need to qualify your suggestion for the formation of what is essentially a union by saying that it only "looks like a union on the outside".

Why not just come out and call it a union? Why couldn't a real union have "a diverse collective of brilliant minds" on the "inside"?

A union is just an organization of professionals who try to collectively improve their working conditions and compensation. There's absolutely nothing wrong with or shameful about this.

The time for a technology workers' union has been long overdue in the US. We shouldn't feel ashamed to suggest its formation or to call it what it is.

It's very sad that decades of right-wing propaganda has made libertarians think that a trade union is anything other than a rightful exercise of the Freedom of Association.

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