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Ask PG: Investors/Incubators hinder YC acceptance?
7 points by ivegotaquestion 2070 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
So, I'm curious to know about two things. Does YC dislike or frown greatly upon a startup that has been through a previous incubator prior to enrolling in YC? i.e. say a company has been accepted into another incubator and they have accepted equity from them at a certain valuation, but the incubator's terms match YC's valuation, would this in any way prevent a company from being accepted?

A parallel question: say a company accepted a minority investment from an angel at the same/similar valuation as YC after accepting the program, would this be frowned upon as well?


Slightly. Having been through another incubator is sort of like being a single founder. We wouldn't reject an application just for that, but it counts against you.

As for the second question, that would be a bad sign, because it would be so stupid. After being accepted by YC you ought to be able to raise money at much higher valuations.

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