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Chrome For Android Update (chrome.blogspot.com)
54 points by avsaro 2103 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

They finally fixed the user agent! It used to be CrMo instead of Chrome, which broke a lot of sites. Back to Chrome now (with "Mobile" suffix to distinguish it from the desktop/tablet build) and the sites work.

There are still a lot of sites that sniff the UA rather than feature test?

For mobile sites, UA sniffing uses less data and fewer round-trips, so (usually) happier visitors.

I wish they'll say Tablet on tablets instead of Mobile, like Firefox will do:


I wish website developers would stop using UA sniffing. WTH do you care whether it's a Tablet or a phone? Don't you frecking care for the resolution instead?

What the heck are you going to do on a Galaxy Note? Are you serving the same site on a Wildfire S as you are serving a Galaxy Nexus?

9 times out of 10, whenever a webdev tries to be "smart" and serves up a mobile version of a website, I don't want it because it's a crippled, badly working knockoff of the real thing. Chrome and Firefox on Android are real browsers and can display the full site, so stop feeding them this crap.

I heard there's a room in hell where you are forced to use various Android browsers on various mobile devices all day.

This is why I'm thankful for the new responsive web design initiative. Same page, same resources, no more or less round-trips, just a different layout tailored to your screen size and density.

Major e-commerce product detail page html for PC: 240775 bytes

For smartphone: 15903 bytes

For old phones (mostly text): 2369 bytes

Server-side device detection does make a difference here, and in other footprints (initial external resources, backend services) as well.

I think you just confirmed my complaint that smartphones get a crippled site.

I don't think UA sniffing tells you what connection I am on, right?

Still no buildable source distribution. Just a bunch of component drops. Sigh.

I can't wait for them to include webgl.

AFAICT, there is still not fully buildable source, and it is still somewhat less smooth than the stock browser. I wonder if they will fix those issues anytime soon?

Until the code becomes more open this is a step backwards.

Why haven't they noticed that Blogspot layout doesn't render properly on Android?

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