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“Playing fußball in the pub with our friends over playing fußball in the office with our team leader”

Talk about a false dichotomy. I evade this problem by being friends with the people I work with.

Overall, I think there are some good distinctions made here. And there is a good point to the thing: “To us it is just a job, but we still do it well.” I almost feel like the page should lead with that. That this isn't an indication that this approach is better than the other approach, simply that it's… Different.

Maybe I don't have a family nearby right now. Maybe I am at a point in my life where I can have free snacks and free time, where I can have sustainable pace AND muscle-man heroics AND still enjoy life outside of work. But that's beside the point of the page. The point here is to understand that not everyone has that perspective, and that it's important to respect those that leave their work at the office and dedicate more time to all the other things than you do (if you're one not one of the “501 developers”).

Just because you've made your coworkers part of your extended social life doesn't mean there's no dichotomy between "socializing at work" and "socializing with friends".

It's not that false a dichotomy. I once started a job with a team I thought were awesome people... when I interviewed.

Once there I realized that none of them were all that social with each other, and I didn't want to be outside-of-work friends with most of them, either.

Work: same people every day (nice though they may be).

Everywhere else: everyone else.

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