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on Apr 17, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite

In case you missed Java applets circa 1997.

We've come a long way in lake-reflecting technology, to be sure. Just think, you don't even need a plugin!

All you need is an i7 and 8GB of RAM!

First thing I thought was GeoCities 2.0 ! I remember seeing effects like this all over the web back in the day. Ahh the memories.

This needs a #c0c0c0 background with an under construction gif below it.

Here, take one of these from the original GeoCities site (Warning - tons of gifs!) http://www.textfiles.com/underconstruction/

I still remember those Anfy java applets page which still exists btw. http://anfyteam.com/anj/index.html

Indeed. If only this came out when I was still at the Times... could have saved journalism.

First thought that crossed my mind. We had one of those in my early teen days band's website :D

Came in here looking for this, and was pleased. Thanks.

Where are the duke nukem strippers?

This shall look terrific on my new geocities home page. Let me open Frontpage.

Count the hours till somebody makes this with CSS

I found this trivially easy to set up, as long as I followed all Clippy's steps.

Currently I am working on blink.js. It's a travesty that the blink tag is no longer supported.

There you go.

    jQuery.fn.blink = function(){
    	var that = this;
    		that.css("opacity",function(i,v){return 1>>v})
    	return this;

Surely visibility, not opacity. Has to be quicker.

This is a good portfolio builder, I'm impressed. Don't think I'd ever use it though.

Really struggling to think how the creator of this feels it would have a use

Well the README does say: "No license, do what you want as long as it involves some Cool Ass Lakes."

Sounds legit to me!

Wait, so I'm not allowed to fork it unless the new project uses ass-lakes? Shit, there goes my startup idea.

I presume that these ass-lakes are located down south somewhere?

The git headline is also "remember lake applets? me neither.". I think we caught a live one here.

The source is 130 lines, if nothing it's at least a teaching example of how easily one can play with canvas.

It would go rather well with an animated gif of Jesus walking.

Maybe a JS-based MUD adventure game that shows background images for each room.

It looks really cool, I kinda hope I do find a good use for it.

This effect was my first used of flash, called Shockwave back in the 90' ;)

My first use of actionscript was a spell checker. It worked great. Good times.

I'm confused. The web page didn't auto-start midi music and there were way less animated cartoon animal gifs than expected!

Anyway, good job for what it is, and kudos for releasing source!

The sad thing is, I'm going to have design clients sending me this now, saying they want it on their sites. Long live the 90s!

Check the issues :)

I really like comment pages like this one - where all seriousness is lifted for a second. I know, its HN. This shouldn't have happened. Still, I would even say its _healthy_ that we have some of these.

This reminded me of Sergey Brin's Stanford page http://infolab.stanford.edu/~sergey/

$("#lake-img").lake is not a function

The lower right demo of the ocean sunset has an oddly familiar rhythm (and disturbing) to it.

Does it perform well in a <marquee>?

is there any way to add <blink> to text that's reflected in the lake?

"As above, so below"

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