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How do you downvote?
10 points by TazeTSchnitzel 2065 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I apologise if I'm missing something obvious. Is it a feature you only get once you make so many submissions, or something like that?

You can downvote only the comments, if you find a post particularly offending you can "flag" it once you have the proper karma.

Fortunately this is not Reddit !

I suppose i should work harder at getting the 500 karmas! /me wants to become full-fledged member of hacker news community

I would also add that there is a timeout for downvoting. You can see this when you visit old links - you can upvote but no downvoting.

You need to be at a certain karma level to downvote. If I remember correctly it was somewhere between 400 and 500 others may know the exact number.

The threshold is 500 (confirmed personally a couple of weeks ago), although the limit gets increased every once in awhile.

Thanks guys!...

now to figure out how to check for replies to posts/comments, so I would have seen this earlier.

I can confirm the threshold is still 500, as I just got it in the last couple of days.

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