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  If you:
  Write a technical blog
  Contribute to open source projects
  Attend user groups in your spare time
  Mostly only read books about coding and productivity
  Push to GitHub while sitting on the toilet
  Are committed to maximum awesomeness at all times, or would have us believe it
Much of this applies to me, and applies to me because I love programming. If you don't love programming, I am unlikely to ever respect you as a programmer. Doubly so if you confuse loving programming with being at the beck and call of a given employer, or confuse loving programming with what hours you spend in the workplace.

The 5:01 article it links to is insightful, though.

+1. We pity you because you contribute to open source projects? I pity you for not having found a job you love. In my experience, the people who work on open source are the ones who innovate, create cool cutting-edge products. And then the 5:01 guys come in and maintain the code. Who is to be pitied?

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