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We got rejected also. We're a designer & developer in Ireland, both early 30s (one American, one Irish). We've built a platform for designing/building magazines & newspapers once and publishing them everywhere (epub, .mobi, html, ipad, pdf, etc.)

It's called Woop.ie (Write Only Once, Publish It Everywhere), and we have a small number of customers at the moment. We just have a holding page here: http://woop.ie but our demo page was live and allowed magazine creation, issue building, previewing, etc. It got some visitors from yc. Unfortunately guess it wasn't enough this time around.

We'll keep working on it obviously. Considering applying to Brooklyn Beta summer camp, actually, anyone else?

Hey guys have you considered applying to the Knight News Challenge? http://newschallenge.tumblr.com/

No, but that sounds like a great fit, thanks! Have signed up so I know when the next round opens up for applications. Thanks, great pointer.

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