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I think that Microsoft will probably end up buying Nokia outright at some point if this slide continues, especially if Google gets serious about making it's own hardware via it's Motorola Mobility acquisition.

I think this was the plan from the start and I said so from the moment Elop was hired.

note: the downvotes are so predictable on threads like this...

>I think this was the plan from the start and I said so from the moment Elop was hired

Who's plan? Care to elaborate?

Elop was hired from Microsoft where he was the head of the Office division. At Nokia he bet the company on the success of WP7, something every specialist in the market considered insane. Microsoft's money will not last long enough.

To be sincere, I imagined the plan was to make WP7 a success with Nokia's help (after all, they know how to sell phones to telcos, if not to end users). Plan B was to acquire Nokia's patent portfolio. I never had much faith in plan A.

Do you really think the Nokia board hired Elop without thinking about a partnership with MS?

It's called a "bacon and eggs partnership". Microsoft is the chicken, Nokia is the pig.

No, my money is on Microsoft buying RIM/Blackberry. Those guys are gone in 3 months. After that acquisition Nokia will not be possible anymore because of anti-competition regulations.

In the end, it will come down to which patents are more useful for Microsoft to help slow Android and Linux down. The one with the nastiest stuff will win.

There are already rumblings of Google selling off the Mobility hardware

There are also rumblings that those rumblings are nothing more than rumblings...


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