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Yes/no/sort of, I actually found this an quite enlightening discussion. My opinion went from:

1. I'm going to use three semicolons for every one Fat doesn't use, the arrogant twat! ;-)

2. Bike shed.

3. Some of these arguments actually kind of make sense... I Prefer the semicolonlessness of Python as well. But even though I know the ASI rules, I don't want to spend the mental effort to check every line for unwanted continuation.

4. And then someone linked to http://npmjs.org/doc/coding-style.html#Semicolons which is a style that has marginally more semicolons than Fat would (apparently) use, but I can use this pretty much without thinking.

I might give it a go. See how it feels. It's important to not stick to old conventions just because KIDS THESE DAYS.

If you never hear from me again, it's because I've drowned in an ocean of obscure bugs.

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