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I'm having trouble imagining your examples. The first one sounds like you did something like

(but presumably longer) and a comma first would fix that (though so would believing jshint or using a debugger :), but a leading semicolon obviously couldn't be used there. I can't picture the second problem, though, at least not in a way that a trailing semicolon wouldn't have fixed.

On the topic of interaction with other developers, this:

> I don't understand why people get so upset about how I write programs

is unfortunate and is probably the biggest problem in this thread (and the previous one). At this point, I've accepted that some people like comma and semicolon first, and if that's the style of a project I'm contributing to, I'll say "this is really dumb" to myself and then write it in that style anyway. It's correct Javascript, and I think plenty of projects are stupidly designed, or inscrutably written, but at some point you suck it up or go elsewhere. It's just a style.

However, there are some red flags in your post that you should think about if you're interested in some dialogue. This is based just on this one post, and I don't think we've ever actually met, so I don't want to go too far here, but statements like

> I realized that there was some essential human weirdness involved here, and it became much too interesting to drop

> Every time I ask people to please not lie about JavaScript to newcomers

> What's wrong with just not lying? I don't get it at all.

> I just ask that they not fill newcomers' heads with lies and fud. I still don't understand it.

sound like pretty classic trolling for the response you're getting. I'm a firm believer in being precise when explaining topics (especially to newcomers), but there's a difference between trying to correct people that are saying incorrect things and trying to provoke a reaction out of them.

(To his credit, Crockford is actually good about saying "this is valid javascript, but it's a developer anti-pattern" and then explaining why he thinks so. I just disagree with about 25% of his anti-patterns and, of course, he's usually kind of a jerk about them)

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