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What surprises me is not that Fat is a bit of a jerk (note, I "get" it, but I don't respect it), but that Twitter lets him keep being a jerk and actively hostile while acting as a representative of the company.

My observation of open-source community dynamics tells me that being hostile is an effective way to lead a large community. I've noticed that contributors act more carefully around someone who is mean to people in general and that these people attract wide followings at conferences. (There are certainly exceptions, though, like Larry Wall.)

Can you imagine a Googler acting this way on the Chromium or Android projects?

Being nice also works, but if you compare Chrome's reach to this Javascript framework's reach and use that to scale the number of contributors, you'd expect a lot more contributions to Chrome.

I think fat is a jackass, but if he wasn't, I never would have heard about this project, which now has multiple front page articles on multiple tech sites. I imagine this is good for Twitter.

> being hostile is an effective way to lead a large community. 

No, those are the exceptions. Being opinionated and ready to say no, however, is necessary.

Then there's the open source project "leaders" who're nice and smiley to people publicly, but snide and nasty through anonymous backchannels.

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