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I really don't understand how a particular usage of semicolons and logical operators is indicative of ego-stroking, showboating, and "hipster", as if the word hipster even means anything at all. If fat _said_ something to make you use those words then that would make sense, but as it is I'm very confused.

Simple. Look at the other comments, and it becomes apparent there are downsides to relying on / abusing ASI, and no advantages. (The only claimed advantage is that the lack of semicolons is visually appealing, but this is nullified by the fact the rules are sort of confusing and not apparent to all contributors.)

Thus people are inferring this fat fellow is doing it only out of illogical, ego-based personal preference, because nothing else makes sense.

I’m not saying they are right — I couldn’t possibly know — but given the facts, it’s a reasonable assumption.

FIY the main claim is that it's a more reliable way to write js: programmer mistakes/missing semi-colons are more easily noticed, and much less common, since the rules are simpler. It's there in every debate about this.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what “FIY” means, what your point is, or how your comment is a reply to mine. Consider re-phrasing?

I misspelled FYI - "for your information". You said there are only downsides, and no advantages; I just told you what the claimed advantage is for "abusing" ASI.

I hope you're not just being snarky.

I wasn’t. Apologies if it seemed mean-spirited — I only wanted to understand your point. I’m probably being thick, but I still don’t quite follow. It seems like you’re saying that if you leave semicolons out (relying on ASI), this makes “mistakes/missing semicolons easier to spot”? That doesn’t make sense to me. :-/

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