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The eternal fires of high level bike shedding: semi-colons, whitespace and curly braces, no programming discussion or language can escape all three.

Be liberal in what you accept and conservative in what you send (i.e. just use semi-colons) and your systems will work and play well with others being interoperable.

But Postel's law doesn't really help: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2008/03/17.html

But it seems that the entire incident was caused by jsmin being overly conservative in what it accepted, thus breaking bootstrap's js.

While I use semicolons myself, it seems like jsmin should conform to the js spec as long as the spec allows the behavior.

well JavaScript was liberal in accepting statements separated by newlines and look what happened

True, but that is a language, products and implementations sometimes need to be more this way since they are the front lines/interface/api. Even falling back on broken standards or less clean implementations (url over version header on restful apis for one example) to work in some cases where absolutely needed but make it harder to do so.

Shipped software should try to work or be usable in the shipped format, get funky behind the product layer if you want.

Here the minified javascript that everyone uses, should just work with the current infrastructure. If it doesn't, provide the tool that fixes the problems for people to ship with.

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