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... Crockford is the developer of JSMin, and was explicitly dragged into the conversation because people claim (possibly correctly) that it is a bug in JSMin than when it is given code with semi-colons that are missing in places that the JavaScript specification claims are optional (possibly also stupidly), it generates output that is not semantically equivalent to the original code.

Your statement thereby makes no sense: this is precisely the kind of argument and conversation--a bug report from a user that itself can be construed as a question about what the purpose of the project is and what parts of the specification it will choose to support--that one would hope the primary maintainer of a project should be "wasting his time" involving himself with.

I wasn't literally asking why is this happening. I was pointing out that it's sad that we live in a world where someone like Crockford is spending brain cycles talking about semicolons, regardless of the reason.

In the big picture, I agree that everything about the GitHub thread, meta or not, is terrible.

But any author of a language minification library will have to deal with corner cases. I see no easy way out. Would it be better for Crockford not to have started writing JSMin?

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