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Dear Esther was funded by the Indie Fund. One of the founders of the Indie Fund is Jonathan Blow.


Thanks for noticing!

Some posters here have very weird perspectives. Yes, if someone wants to extrapolate some straw man, based not on statements in the article or evidence from the real world, but built from whatever feels easy to criticize thoughtlessly, then sure, it is easy to knock that straw man down. Whatever.

For what it's worth, I liked The Stanley Parable and had a nice chat with the author of the game at PAX last year. Why would anyone assume that something like this is not the case?

You guys do know that the subjects of articles you read on the internet are other real people also on the internet, right? Why would a poster here assume that I am some kind of inert punching bag rather than, you know, someone who's been on HN for a couple of years and involved in discussions?

My reasoning for ranting was less directed at you and more at the idea that the article held up as you. I never thought about it and hence never realised that my disagreement was misdirected. I regret not thinking before posting...

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