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Ask HN: Any AI-based Code Assistants for web CRUD apps?
7 points by endorphine 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments
I'm looking for something to help me faster code CRUD endpoints for a Rails side project. Is there something more integrated than ChatGPT4? Like, I give it access to my codebase, it parses it and understands the models etc. and can then crank simple features?

I used to use Github Copilot, but I find Cursor (https://cursor.sh/) to be even better.

You can add an OpenAI API Key and it'll use the GPT-4 API. It indexes your code for you and it'll crawl documentation for you if you give it the link. Then you can reference specific files or documentation with "@". There are also some really intuitive hot keys.

Cursor is amazing and I can't figure out why. Is it just because their UX is better than what Copilot is doing? The whole cmd+K and doing a live edit/diff is so useful. I realize Copilot has almost the same short cut key(s) for the same purpose..but it's just not as smooth.

Also regarding CRUD apps – I actually was able to automate code generation of most of my CRUD pretty easily using cursor. I hand wrote a couple of them and now I just create the new file and prompt it referencing the Model and one of the other CRUD files as an example.

This is what I use github copilot for.

I have Copilot in vim, but it only autocompletes things. Can you tell it something like "I want you to introduce a new view that will be rendered when the user does X and it will have 3 buttons that will do Y"?

I think if you write what you want in a “code comment” then below it will try to implement that comment in the autocomplete

That’s been my experience. Also, if I’m doing CRUD, and I’ve already written code for one resource, it will give me completions in the style of that first one.

I think Copilot Chat X is supposed to introduce these kinds of features, but it's still in beta atm. Could look into Continue, an extension for vs code and jetbrains.

Try it in VS Code. There’s a much richer interface including chat.

GitHub Co-pilot can take into context your codebase.

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