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Perl Weekly reaches 3000 subscribers (szabgab.com)
57 points by tudorconstantin on April 14, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Having a weekly summary of what's going on in the perl community has been invaluable to me. I've been using perl for 15 years, and I still learn new thing with every newsletter. Thanks Gabor!

Congrats to Gabor. It's taken the Perl community far too long to realize that as much fun, and as powerful as the language is when you're competent with it, getting to that level can be a minefield: there's so, so much bad example Perl online, and the community can be pretty unfriendly to beginners who are doing things the old way. Gabor's been laying down lots of great content aimed at beginners, done the right way.

Once I figured out that Perl was not just Regular Expressions I had a lot more fun. Irssi scripts are all Perl.

+1 for the mailing list

I just subscribed. Didn't know this existed. I'd be curious to know how many subscribers there are after this HN post is two days old.

congrats to guys. I subscribed some months back. Have been out of perl development since a year. This newsletter really helped to keep me updated. Infact i started re-looking again into cpan modules and filed a bug report recently for one of the modules. thanks again

Bookmarked. I love seeing perl on the front page of hn. Many think perl is dead but it does the job for me.

It's funny. I like Python better for various reasons, but I have to admit that Perl 5 always seems to have more mature and far better-documented modules available. You use the Cheeseshop for a while (Python's central package repository) and get used to it, then go back to the CPAN and it's really noticeable how much better the Perl 5 module ecosystem is.

what are the various reasons? I like perl because it keeps out of my way until I need it. Which is a lot.

Gabor's tutorials are the best online introduction to Perl.

This is a great resource and has reminded me that the Perl community is active, and continues to be innovative!

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