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Heck take a look at Dwarf Fortress for that matter. The latest update alone (and now the upcoming minecart and hauling patch) are adding enough content, for most sequels. Never mind the new content arising from the interactions between all the modules.

But the game still looks like you are staring at the matrix


The looks vs function seems to arise often as a video game related discussion. Its not though - it applies to many other systems - take the Bloomberg terminals that your average IB kiddie has to pore over.

There are so many different commands that people have to get used to - eqs, bnd, eco, nws, MA, etc. But after the learning curve, people do adapt.

In certain cases, it is possible to get away with a tough interface, which has its own internal consistencies. OF course you won't survive the mass market, but in niche markets with a user base advanced enough, you have decent amounts of wriggle room.

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