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Counterpoint: Bethesda.

I cannot count how many times Fallout x has crashed or bugged out on me, but I still have poured more hours into those games than pretty much any other.

I'm not sure Bethesda is exactly a counterpoint. I would take issue with the phrase "just a platformer." I think you could also say that Bethesda games are "just RPGs." The point is that in both cases the games have unique game mechanics that make them good. Games that need really high-quality code to be worthwhile are very ordinary genre titles. No one is going to care about a shooter that has mediocre graphics, there have been hundreds of them over the past couple decades.

I'd say if it's really a good game, the code quality isn't that big an issue. If I'm pissed off when the game crashes, that says good things about the quality of the game. If it's just sort of addictive, I'll probably be relieved when it crashes.

I really meant to say technically just a platformer. Braid is much more than that as a game but in terms of technical complexity it isn't all that complex. Even the creator says they had the actual gameplay/mechanics sorted out very quickly.

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