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Excel + VBA solves a lot of that. The spreadsheet part just becomes a view.

Somebody should really build a web app version of that, there are millions of custom Excel+VBA spreadsheets spread throughout businesses across the world.

The only way they will migrate online is either through custom web apps (I used to do a lot of those) or with a generic solution which doesn't exist yet.

To migrate them online, do you think what's needed is a single-click "just upload your Excel spreadsheet and it will all work, including the VBA"? That is, how important is 100% compatibility, including VBA? (The technical bar for that is pretty high.)

I don't think it has to be compatible, just something that is as capable. I have been thinking about it for a while, I would use Lua or Javascript as the scripting language.

I don't know why Google hasn't done this yet.

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