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Ah, but business should be product-based...

That's certainly true, but the two aren't mutually exclusive. Kickstarter will get you the funds to go out and build a cool product, but it won't tell you how to generate a model that's sustainable, teach you how to go to market, or even tell you if there's an available market at all.

Exactly. I can imagine a need for "Kickstarter mentors".

Kickstarter tells you there's no market by not funding your project: it's a MVP. But KS seems hard unless you're already well known.

Eh, product-focused, maybe. Being completely based on a single, unproven product is not really a great way to run a business, at least from Y Combinator's viewpoint.

Isn't that exactly what Y Combinator companies do? They create single, focused, unproven products and try to "prove" them.

YC companies very often end up with completely different products than they start out with. This almost never happens with Kickstarters, because those are actually project-based.

For founders looking at relatively quick exits, they are the product.

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