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> Isn't it ironic that this is posted on a site that does startup funding and the comments are "please put this on kickstarter" not "please apply for Y Combinator"?

Why, one can do both :). (eg. Pebble is funded by Kickstarter, but the creators are an YC company)

Anyway, the most important thing is: make it happen, make it happen fast, and don't let it become another CodeBubbles - an IDE idea with a video that captured imagination of programers few years ago, but implementation of which is yet to be seen.

AFAIK Code Bubbles is now Debugger Canvas http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/devlabs/debuggercanvas

Kind of. Code Bubbles inspired a few of us (mostly steven schermerhorn + chris) to write a prototype of it for VS called Codeporium, which was at least part of what made it into debugger canvas. Of course, we didn't do any of the hard work (like getting the debugger working), so I'm not sure how much credit we should get :) Chris probably remembers more about it than I do.

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