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ibdknox 739 days ago | link | parent

I'm not sure I agree. Textmate made a crap ton of money, companies like JetBrains and DevExpress have made very successful businesses building dev tools.

And while you mention MSFT as building a platform, if VS alone can make a billion, even without a platform I suspect you could do quite well.

jamieb 739 days ago | link

Would you mind me asking how long it took you to develop that demo?


ahjones 737 days ago | link

On Twitter he said it took six days: https://twitter.com/#!/ibdknox/status/190857331238645760


hollerith 739 days ago | link

when you say that VS can make a billion, I assume you refer to sales revenues. I always thought MSFT spent more money developing their programming tools than they got in revenue (which makes sense for them because more developers for Windows lead to more licensed users of Windows)


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