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Evolution of a Web Developer: From PHP Newbie To Python Ninja (hubspot.com)
17 points by dcancel on Apr 13, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

"24. [..] Learned about the Python requests library. I will now judge all libraries based on this work of beauty."

Completely agree. As if you are writing pure HTTP.

Have they not improved urllib in 3.x? (I'm still on 2.7.)

Why create a title that contains a term you don't care for but then start your article with an apology for it? There was nothing stopping you from creating a better title... unless of course you actually wanted that title.

What I wanted to do was strike-out the word Ninja, but HTML tags are usually not supported in titles for most blogging and other systems.

I was wondering the same thing. It seemed like you were apologizing for using the word "ninja" since it's disliked by a lot of people around here (I think; I'm no HN veteran).

I enjoyed the post though; it was fun to see how things moved along for you.

p.s. You are missing a closing parenthesis on #39.

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