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Maybe you should consider donating your time to providing private lessons to Caine in arguing ad hominem.

I didn't assert any superiority to hacking tech or hacking business. Give him a business mentor or tech mentor. A ledger or a breadboard. I could care less. Maybe he'll want to pivot to square foot gardening next week. Who knows. Kids are fickle like that.

I do find your repeated assertions that he is NOT already running his own business quite patronizing. He is already running a 9 year old-scale business, period.

Anyway, I'm done, just going to take the energy being wasted on this thread and just refocus on thinking about how I can encourage my 3yr old son in pursuing all his interests du jour (fortune teller machines, car washes, mount fuji).

and the "i'm a dad, you wouldn't understand" isn't ad verecundiam?

> NOT already running his own business

He had ONE customer, according to the video. Maybe he might get some more? Who is to know?

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