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maratd 735 days ago | link | parent

All true, but then you're essentially lying to the client. You are saying something happened, when it didn't.

I understand the argument that this type of lying is "ok" for the sake of responsiveness, since 99% of the time the data will be accepted.

That argument isn't valid in my eyes.

When I update the users screen to reflect the data they entered, to me, that's an indication that I accepted the data. If I were to first show the data as accepted, and then show an error message if something went wrong, I am undermining the trust the user is placing in my software.

It's almost like the software is confused and inconsistent? Kind of like a person who says one thing and then says something entirely different within a few seconds?

With every software suite, there is an implicit promise that it won't try to mislead me. I don't use software that lies to me, I don't expect others will use it either.

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