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Hi all, DeWitt from the Google+ team here.

All of us sincerely appreciate developers building on the Google+ platform, and we're excited to continue to develop and support our official API over at https://developers.google.com/+. Please do join us over there, and let us know what you'd like us to add or improve.

That said, we obviously can't support applications built on undocumented, unofficial and internal surfaces, including those based on reverse-engineering or scraping the Google+ user interface. Since we believe that's the case here, we've reached out to the author and hope to clear the situation up quickly.

If your API is read-only no one is going to use it. Might as well write a greasemonkey script to automate stuff instead.

When can we expect a read AND WRITE API to google+? You have to admit that the current API isn't very useful or exciting, which is why people resort to such things

This is plain wrong. No-one manipulating the DOM is because of read-only restrictions. They're modifying the interface.

Read-only is a choice, and it's one G+ is willing to stick to (look back at Vic Gundorota's posts about "curation").

I think they're holding back a write api so that g+ doesn't become like buzz; a dumping place to pipe your other streams to. Makes sense while they establish their own user base.

This probably isn't the best place to ask, but is there going to be a migration tool for us Google Apps users any time soon?

I tried google plus for the second time since it came out today after some person who I did not think I know added me to a circle. So I then spent five minutes in frustration figuring out that private messaging people is terribly unintuitive. I had to use google to search for how to do it and then deal with blog spam as google search is terribly cluttered. I then suffered through adsense riddled pages in order to finally figure out how.

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