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Man, he's going to be chick-magnet now :)

Guys, c'mon donate a few dollars to the kid, right here:

http://cainesarcade.com/ They are raising 100k for Caine's scholarship fund and at the moment about 97k has already been donated :D

Unfortunately they are using PayPal - I would bet that account is already frozen

It started out as a $25K goal, and they blew through it ($24K in the first day). They reset it to $50K, and it was at $49K when I saw it yesterday, which means it gained ~$50K in the last 24 hours.

Holy cow.

EDIT: Spleling

Your edit comment deserves an upvote...

I wonder who contributed the 10 nano-cents that got them to $109484.00000001....

Just less than 500$ for the target! I'm refreshing the page and it keeps rising! Impressive!

They've just made it to the target - awesome!

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