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I get your point, but just because you can name examples of other technological advances that are more revolutionary, does not mean that this (in its own small world) cannot be described using that term. Revolutionary (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) simply means "involving or causing a complete or dramatic change". A technology that dissolves the boundaries between client-side and server side development is a pretty big thing in web development and it may very well cause a dramatic change in how we go about cranking out web apps.

I guess the problem is just with calling it revolutionary now, before we wait and see if it actually does cause any drastic change. There have been lots of frameworks that seem promising, only to learn partway in that they are still missing some really key functionality. It's unfortunate to use revolutionary to describe everything that could, someday cause a change.

http://www.webtoolkit.eu dissolves boundaries between client and server, and has been available for years. You shoult take a look.

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