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Nirvan, the guy who made the film about Caine, says that not only does he wear his shirt to school now, but they're going to have a screening of the film there too:


I do wonder how that will play out.

When I was in 5th grade, I won a trip to Space Camp in an essay contest. I thought that was pretty awesome. The teachers had me give a talk to the class about it when I got back. I learned very quickly that the rest of the class didn't think it was quite so awesome.

The transition to the middle school years can be tough.

Man, he's going to be chick-magnet now :)

Guys, c'mon donate a few dollars to the kid, right here:

http://cainesarcade.com/ They are raising 100k for Caine's scholarship fund and at the moment about 97k has already been donated :D

Unfortunately they are using PayPal - I would bet that account is already frozen

It started out as a $25K goal, and they blew through it ($24K in the first day). They reset it to $50K, and it was at $49K when I saw it yesterday, which means it gained ~$50K in the last 24 hours.

Holy cow.

EDIT: Spleling

Your edit comment deserves an upvote...

I wonder who contributed the 10 nano-cents that got them to $109484.00000001....

Just less than 500$ for the target! I'm refreshing the page and it keeps rising! Impressive!

They've just made it to the target - awesome!

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