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Completely agree. I thought Backbone was the "missing piece", but this really is it.

Edit: to clarify I specifically meant a front-end tool to help me leap a level in personal development skill.

I am sorry but there is no way to compare backbone with this one( but it looks very nice, too ), they aim at different things.

I am using backbone for a while and it's backend agnostic which is great !

This one have more resemblance to knockout.js( I am talking client side) and it's MVVM design, backbone doesn't even try to approach that problem.

Very true. I wasn't very explicit that I didn't mean they were the same thing, apples to apples. I meant "missing piece" in terms of the front-end tool to help me leap a level.

In my gut I was thinking "Great, another JS framework." I watched the video and was very impressed. And I consider myself a server guy.

Backbone is almost at the top of the javascript toolkit levels. Let's put it in perspective:

- backbone - jquery - meteor <- the low level of the high level :)

You use meteor as a foundation to build your application as backbone is more or less your application itself. Think "CoreFoundation" vs "AppKit" kind of difference.

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