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Just watched the entire demo. First time I heard two people present a product together - definitely makes it a lot more interesting and much less monotonous. After the first 30seconds, I went "pfft, live reload isn't new." But I'm glad I stayed till the very end because it is indeed so much more. It looks very promising, especially if you offer app hosting of some kind (or make it easy on Heroku etc.)

I am curious about the security aspect of writing to DB directly via the client but I'm sure you've thought of it. I love the 'add less', 'add coffeescript' feature. Can't wait to try this out soon.

Thanks for the feedback about the beginning of the demo. We had a really tough time with the site and the video because the people who are interested in frameworks like Meteor come from a lot of different backgrounds. Some people have written half a dozen Backbone applications and have written their own highly scalable node.js cache invalidation servers, while other people have suggested that we take the word "REST" off the homepage because it's confusing to new developers.

It's tough to find a pace that holds the attention of the experienced people while not losing the people that are new to web development.

Don't shy away from opportunity to teach. Just make sure you show it as a link, perhaps that means a simple popover explaining in simple terms what REST means.

Amazing stuff! Would 'add pyjamas' (pyjs.org) be possible in future for those of us who prefer to generate their Javascript from Python?

Yea, that was my first concern as well. Going around the typical models and straight to DB sounds dirty. :) Can't wait til I get home and try it out. Love the synchronous calls and how it synchronizes between screens, wonder how it scales up though.

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