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RISC-V Ox64 BL808 SBC: Starting Apache NuttX Real-Time Operating System (codeberg.page)
48 points by lupyuen 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I bought a couple of these boards a year ago but never found a use for them. Linux was still a work in progress, and as a plain microcontroller it seemed less appealing than contemporary options like an RP2040. The heterogenous cores feels like a challenge to architect correctly in a real time environment.

Yep I agree, programming the 64-bit and 32-bit RISC-V Cores in BL808 SoC can be really challenging! I hope to run NuttX RTOS on both cores, talking over OpenAMP.

I have both the M1s and the BL702 maix board which I'm using for AI. Lupyen, would they both use the same base code as the BL602/4 for drivers?

I am especially interested in getting a large MIPI display working with the BL808. The crowd funder hinted at being able to work with 1280x480 displays but tbh I'm not an expert with electronics- you have to remap 50 pins to the 18 pin dsi connector (on the maix board) and run the correct refresh timings.

Are you looking to add large display support? I'm guessing no as the Ox64 doesn't have a MIPI breakout, but was hopeful here.

Bouffalo Lab seems to be rolling out a new SDK that supports BL602 and BL808: BouffaloSDK https://github.com/bouffalolab/bouffalo_sdk

Ox64 won't work with MIPI DSI Displays, because it runs on BL808C (instead of BL808D). Too bad I will be stuck with tiny screens for a while.

I bought a bunch of the 16Mbit flash variant for an embedded project but sadly it looks like the firmware always gets corrupted on write, and have gotten no reply from Bouffalo


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