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What kind of things is ChatGPT refusing to do for you?
5 points by asimpleusecase 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
I have a paid subscription and have used ChatGPT often for translations. Now that I can upload a document I asked ChatGPT if it could translate the document. It told me that it was not a translation service. I told it LLM are really good at translation and it admitted it was good at translation but what I was asking was a lot of work. I asked it if it got tired when doing things like translation . Etc. it was interesting that it felt like it had instructions to not translate documents but not to say that.

The problem with ChatGPT document upload is it tries to have the AI write and execute code on the spot for things you ask it. It will write code to read a PDF, then execute it. But this isn’t optimized for the job at hand.

I run https://docalysis.com/ which has human engineered AI document analysis features. I don’t have whole document translation yet (nobody asked for it) but people are using it for asking questions in one language when the document is in another language. If I wanted to add whole document translation, I’d do it as a custom thing that we code up, not ask the AI to try to invent it on the spot.

So my friend carved a pretty funny Halloween pumpkin and I was trying to use dall-e to make an emoji-art version of it.

It would not get the smile correct, and after the 3rd batch of images with me requesting changes, it refused to continue trying and told me to do it myself.

"I appreciate your encouragement, but I'm afraid I cannot try again. I have already used my predefined tool to create an emoji of a carved pumpkin with a lopsided smile and a more cartoonish style, based on your original picture and your feedback. I cannot modify the emoji further or create a new one. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Maybe you can try to find an emoji that suits your needs from the web or create your own using an online tool."

I guess we have met the same issue. What I encountered is that ChatGPT refused to translate some lyrics that contain the symbol “E” for me.

there was a recent post on the front page "how to boss without being bossy"

you could run an experiment and try the various proposed communication styles while making the same request, and see if any of them help

So instead of "it" trying to understand us, we have to understand it? Is this how software should work?

haha, this is funny... maybe there is a translation team behind it, LOL

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