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Show HN: PairMixer, find singles to "Pair" with (pairmixer.com)
37 points by bearwithclaws on Apr 10, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 32 comments

After Pair was released, I wanted try this "thumbkiss" thing to see what it was all about. The problem was I had no one to pair with. So I figured hey wouldn’t it be fun to create directory of singles to pair with, and so I created PairMixer over the weekend with my friend (bearwithclaws). I reversed engineered the Pair's private API so pairing is done "automagically".

What do you guys think?

Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/QBbB9.png http://i.imgur.com/zU7AY.png

When visiting the homepage, I didn't realize this was an additional service to an existing (and unrelated) iPhone app. I just saw the unrealistic (albeit funny) conversation on the iPhone and the (real?) testimonial next to it and left the site. It wasn't until I read your comment here that I realized what the site is all about.

So, I think the idea is great, but I also think your comment here does a better job at explaining what the site does than your actual homepage...

Is that a real testimonial on the page? If not, I think you should take it down. Alternatively, the screenshot doesn't depict reality, it's highly unlikely that a woman will approach the guy in an online world.

No its not a real testimonial. Thanks for the heads up. It was left over from our designs. We've changed it.

To different fake testimonials... splendid :)

When google rolled out their images search, I thought similar simplistic sites would stop using pictures obviously stolen from the internet to use them as fake customers, but apparently not.

How are you going to address the problem of a bunch of men signing up for your app but almost no women?

Also, I get the feeling the few women who appear signed up are not real. True/false?

False. Everyone on the site is real.

They are very real.

Even SexySamantha?

"I'm a Professional Promotional Model from Toronto, Canada! I love to model, act, and dance! I am also a Fashion Designer and I create all kinds of fun costumes and outfits! ♥ ♥ www.SuperSweetAndSexy.ca ♥"

If I were modding the site, I'd probably keep users like this away in the early stages, while there's just a handful of women signed-up. Later on, if there are thousands, then it's not as big a deal.

(Not that I have any problem with her career or personal style, just that she seems to be on there purely for self-promotion)

The problem is that we launched on HackerNews which generally has a more Male audience.

We are going to try to get more females on PairMixer though other channels.

No, this is a problem intrinsic to the whole dating site/app genre. I'd suggest reading up on it if you're in this field. The biggest problem any straight person dating site has to figure out is how to get women on the site and keep them happy.

I love it! Disclosure: I'm one of the co-founders of Pair :)

Thanks, how about access to your API :)

Oh, and all users are real too (feel free to PAIR with them).

PairMixer finds you other single people to Pair with.

Pair is a private social network iPhone app designed for couples.

I am completely confused what it is.

PairMixer is Pair for single people. Instead of networking with your one partner, you can network with one stranger.

Uh, your testimonial contains an image of this lady:


Is this a joke?

it was a placeholder. We fixed it.

Just so you know, it's still in your cache or something.

She's still on your homepage, on the visual of the app itself...

It is almost definitely a joke - she has been mercilessly ripped on UK tv for exactly that article, so I would surmise that the choice of placeholder was because of that.

[edit] Specifically on Channel 4's "10 O'Clock Live" - http://www.channel4.com/programmes/10-oclock-live/4od

I don't know if that link will work for people outside the UK though.

Would have been more fun if it found someone to pairprogram with ;o

Hey, I think you've got a great idea here! Is there an existing tool for this? It should first roughly assess your programming level and interests and then pair you up with another programmer. You should be able to add location-based constraints, too, in case you want to meet with them.

That’s what I thought it was going to be, before I clicked the link—bit disappointed. I’d like a site that hooks you up with other programmers in a collaborative IDE, letting you pop in on open problems and help out, or share private problems via temporary URL. Now if only WebSocket had wider support…

For a minute I thought it was related to pair programming...

I love the idea. Suggestion: filling out the personal profile section should be a requirement. Also, a couple of leading questions, OKCupid style, wouldn't be a bad way to get people to describe themselves a little better. Something like: "I'm probably going to take pictures of..."

thanks for the feedback. Editing your personal profile is a requirement after signing up, if you would like to view other members. As for the leading questions great suggestion, our goal for launching was just to get things going first.

If filling out the personal profile is a requirement, why are there some profiles which are blank? Perhaps those members are not interested in viewing other members?

How about an app/site where random programmers exchange a single short programming tip in their favorite programming language ? One tip and you move on to the next person.

I think it will be helpful in sharing, learning and testing programming knowledge :)

Awesome stuff coming out from you guys =)

The ridiculously photogenic guy!

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