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I feel a bit guilty that my negative post is the top post, instead of a post discussing Mosh itself, most especially considering that Keith's responses throughout this thread have been quite elucidative and creditable. However I still think we should approach something as fundamental and important as remote access to our machines with great caution -- I'll be sticking with the tools tried and tested for years (and recommended by those I trust) for the foreseeable future.

That said, Mosh does seem pretty interesting, -- and by golly, considering the terrible 3G speeds I get on my Android phone and how often the 'connectbot' app acts up, I will surely be giving this a try when I get time later this week.

~~It all tunnels over SSH, what is the security risk compared to other protocols that also go over SSH?~~

(is it possible to strike text?) Thanks for the correction, I misunderstood how the protocol Mosh uses works. SSH is apparently used for initiation. Caution seems wise.

It's not all over SSH. It uses SSH to authenticate and start a server daemon, which it then connects to over UDP. The UDP connection is not tunneled through the SSH connection.

Thank you for this answer. I apparently missed this important distinction on my first pass through.

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