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From my limited perspective the code actually looks quite clean (although often this is the very quality that hides the worst of bugs!). One issue with UDP is dealing with NATs and firewalls (for example, in public WiFi hotspots where SSH is often permitted, but random other ports are not). The dependency on protocolbufs seems a little redundant given the size of your protocol (that is one huge library to import for the sake of 24 fields).

Will definitely give this a whirl at some stage, as the feature set is quite compelling, and assuming it gets healthy reviews from the talented crypto folk on HN. :) Good luck!

It’s good to be careful and perhaps a little skeptical when there’s a new approach that’s not the tried and true ssh.

The quote from the homepage tells me they get it:

Why you should trust Mosh with your remote terminal needs: we worry about details so obscure, even USENIX reviewers don't want to hear about them.

Agreed on the protocol buffers; that's a huge overkill for what it is used for.

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