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I find character delay to be an ongoing frustration while using ssh with remote servers all day long. When I've mis-typed and need to backspace, I'm usually a couple of keystrokes ahead by the time I see it. I have to pause, wait, count, and carefully press backspace a precise number of times, and frequently get it wrong.

For nearby connections, it's no big deal, but cross-continent or overseas it's a right pain.

Won't work for ncurses programs, but rlwrap ssh should help in most cases.

Works fine for ncurses programs, thanks.

Has alleviated my laggy typing issues almost completely.

> a right pain

British English?

Not sure why you got downvoted. Yes, that's definitely a more British construction.

I think he was downvoted for needlessly pointing out somebody's preferred flavour of English. Whilst it might not be your favourite, there's no need to make a bloody show of it ;)

I was merely curious. English is not my first language, I learned it at a pretty ripe age, so sometimes I miss some subtle nuances.

I'm actually reading the Harry Potter books (yeah, I know, but my kids are reading them too, and I figured I need to become an "insider" to that universe before they start making references that just go whoosh! over my head) and I remember seeing the expression "a right pain" somewhere in there.

Finally, I tend to be fascinated by odd and obscure language issues and details. I guess that's just the way I am.

Anyway, I'll be more careful to explain why I'm asking, in the future.

No, he was downvoted because people leapt to the conclusion that he was needlessly pointing out somebody's preferred flavor of English, when in fact he was a non-native English speaker (as a great many of HN participants are) who was curious about the origins of a particular turn of phrase.

Read "a right pain" as "genuinely frustrating" or "really annoying".

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