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That does not work. It seems to me that you need to install mosh server, which doesn't have much documentation at this moment.

I just installed the mosh client, and replacing ssh with mosh command alone doesn't work. By not working, I meant the error message is "/opt/local/bin/mosh: Did not find mosh server startup message."

Hint: you need to install mosh on both client and server. That error message means you have the client installed locally, but not remotely.

I installed Mosh on both client and server and still got this message :-/

Well, same here. Obviously, the developer is on here trolling, down voting people for dissing their crappy project

Keep coming. I still have Karma you can down vote. It just shows how shitty this project is.

No kidding. Too bad they don't have good documentation on server installation (just client)

Keep down voting me as you like. The fact remains that Mosh is crap. If it works, it should just work. Otherwise, it is just crap.

I encourage people to uninstall mosh

on Ubuntu, sudo apt-get autoremove mosh

on Mac with MacPort, sudo port uninstall mosh

I'm downvoting you not because of your stance on Mosh, but because you're being, in the technical term: "A dick."

Generally speaking, I'll tend to downvote anyone who says something like "Go ahead and downvote me" unless the post is otherwise insightful enough to be worth an upvote.

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