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Last time I looked it was a maze trying to figure out FF extensions. A painful long learning curve. I wrote my first chrome/safari extension about 5 mins after I read the intro.

Firefox Add-ons PM here. I completely agree. I'm a developer, however I had to have someone from the SDK team show me how to get started since it was so hard to find proper documentation.

I'm currently working on completely redoing the Developer Hub to make it dead simple. Shoot me an email (gkoberger at mozilla dot com) if you have any suggestions or things that were particularly painful.

start with the documentation on creating a FF debug version e.g. on Windows 64bit - it does not even work with the config files from the trunk - leaving alone the different flavors of documentation you find on Mozilla dev - have a look how Google has done this - and yes you have to describe how to setup the environment for e.g. VS2008 SP1 (again have a look at how Google has documented it)

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - I'm still furious if I remember the days and nights wasted with false or outdated documentation.

At the end we skipped using FF (our original favorite) for these internal tasks and went along with Chrome - sadly to say so but this is currently broken with FF and great if that changes.

Firefox's Jetpack extension API (using JavaScript) is very similar to the commonly used Chrome/Safari ones. You were likely looking at documentation for their C++ extension API.

I completely agree. I recently released my first Chrome extension and I found the documentation and guides to be clear and concise. I'm now looking into creating a Firefox extension and the learning curve has been very painful. I spent an hour or so just going through the Firefox docs and I'm still unsure how to start building an extension.

figuring out how to sign a FF extension properly without an https cert was one of the most difficult things i've accomplished in my programming career. :(

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