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I would like to throw some random thoughts:

1) It seems like people coming from Lat Am makes the most progress out of the program. Not only they get contracts from recognized companies and banks like Telefonica and BBVA, but they seem to find private investment after the program far more easily (Eg: Junar, Taggify, inbed.me, Safertaxi, Hadza, AgentPiggy, etcetera). Why? You can prolly draw your own conclussions as i don't have an answer just hypothesis.

2.- It is hard to find good developers that are fluent in English and if you find them they will be expensive. In the other hand it is a far easier to find good designers, business development employees/founders.

3.-While Chileans are shy and elusive the first time you met them, they are incredibly welcoming with most of the foreigners and WILL appreciate any effort you make speaking Spanish (even if its the most awful Spanish in the world)

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