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I recently put this guide together: http://david.rothlis.net/emacs/howtolearn.html

Its focus is on self-driven discovery by leveraging the Emacs built-in help and source code. Feedback welcome.

Very very nice tutorial.

Careful when you say elisp `if` is a function, it's a `special form` aka different evaluation semantics.

Thanks! After "pretend that if is a function" I do immediately proceed to explain evaluation semantics: "what does it mean by 'if is a special form'? It turns out that if isn’t a regular function." Of course, I am open to suggestions for better wording etc.

That's assuming you were talking about the "cc-mode customization" chapter. If I've called "if" a function anywhere else please let me know! And keep the feedback coming. :-)

My bad I stopped reading too soon. So maybe just using a different verb than 'is' would be enough to avoid confusion. (and yes I was on the cc-mode customization page)

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