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Hi @gnufs, the idea is to have it done non-profit. So I'll be looking for volunteers to help me out with this aspect. Or I might approach Confreaks since they do a lot of conference filming. But not really sure how they operate...


I'm one part of http://www.44con.com/ and having run quite a few events in London would be happy to help out where I can. It might be worth at least meeting up for a chat to see what you want to do and bounce a few ideas around. My contact details are on my profile if you'd care to get in touch (as you don't have any on yours and a search for dotemacs on google yields quite a few results!).

Hey iuguy, how cool. Just the other day a read a post on how 44con came to be. Great reading. I'll definitely get in touch with you later today. For now, you can reach me as @dotemacs on twitter. Thanks for the offer & support!

You might want to contact the debconf video team for advice/help. http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam

I've worked on it before, so you can PM me if you have any questions.

@BCM43 how do I reach you? I'm @dotemacs on twitter.

msg me at hntmp@riseup.net (which is an alias to my real email address, which I would prefer not to post on HN).

Will do, thank you for the pointer

if I may suggest to just:

  - stable, straight facing video
  - clear mic sound with decent loudness
to avoid wasting efforts on a great idea. Some recent lisp conference videos were shot with a weird angle, and the speaker mic was buzzing, rendering the video useless. It can be post-processed but it can also be avoided first hand.

Good luck

ps: since competent people are proposing help, I might be redundant.

agumonkey, everybody is welcome :)

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